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10 ways to feel inspired

(from the top of my head)

1. Start Blogging.

2. Write notes in a diary or keep a journal.

3. Go out, travel, explore London, take some good photos.

4. Buy some Groupons and try extraordinary things.

5. Try excercising, jogging or going to the gym.

6. Start listening to some good acoustic music and even try singing.

7. Learn something new, cook something, learn a language, learn how to play a music instrument or a skill.

8. Hang out with people you don’t normally see.

9. Start brainstorming entrepreneurial activity.

10. Read fascinating books, articles and blogs.

…Let’s not let the rain get us all demotivated and lazy. Keep going. Keep planning and writing lists. (I speak for myself - bloody blazy bugger)

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